Monday motivation

We’re kicking off a dose of #Monday #motivation for you with this incredible lady: Renata Alfinito.

23-11-15 Renato

Renata is a designer and pole dancer from Rio de Janeiro – and she’s pretty damn amazing.

Her instagram page is crammed with beautiful fitness photos as well as inspirational life quotes and pole images.

If you’ve ever wondered if pole dance/ pole fitness is for you, take a look at Renata in action:

23-11-15 Renato 2

23-11-15 Renato 2

23-11-15 Renato 3

23-11-15 Renato 4

23-11-15 Renato 5

Here at the Fitness Community, we’re big believers in the fact that everyone’s fitness journey is different.

Some progress faster, some progress slower, but everyone has to start somewhere.

In Renata’s own words, ‘believe you can and you’re halfway there’.

Never stop being awesome, Renata.

All photos courtesy of Renata’s Instagram page. You can follow her at

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One thought on “Monday motivation

  1. She is really amazing! What a great photos! Congrats Renata and The Fitness Community for not only promote wellness, but also stimulate the healthy art of pole fitness.
    ” Belive you can and you’re a halfway there”. I love that! 👏👏👏👏


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