It’s official! Sports gender gap has narrowed, confirms Sports England

The number of women playing sport and being active is increasing faster in the UK than the number of men.

Sports England says that the boost in women’s fitness in the UK can be attributed partly to its popular ‘This Girl Can’ campaign.

The organisation says that nearly 149,000 extra women are now playing sport and getting active once a week, every week – compared to before the campaign started.

Whilst the number of active men has also increased, the rise hasn’t been as sharp – meaning that the gap has narrowed by around 50,000 individuals.

“It’s good news that more women are playing sport, and driving an overall increase in the numbers,” says Jennie Price, Sports England’s Chief Executive.

“It’s particularly great to see This Girl Can is making a real difference.”

Launched less than a year ago, This Girl Can aims to prompt a change in attitudes and help boost women’s confidence.

“Our research reveals a huge difference in the number of men and women playing sport. And it’s not because females don’t want to get active. Millions of women and girls are afraid to exercise because of fear of judgement” – Sports England/This Girl Can.

Sports England says that the This Girl Can campaign seeks to tell “the real story” of women who play sport.

In order to do this, it adds, the campaign uses images that are “the complete opposite of the idealised and styled images of women we are now used to seeing.”

Credit: Instagram / @thisgirlcanuk

With the latest figures clearly showing that more women in the UK are choosing to lead active lifestyles, Sports England says that the results support the need to think about target audiences as individual consumers – and to understand the things that get in the way of their taking part in sports and their motivations.

This Girl Can film preview (courtesy Instagram / @thisgirlcanuk)


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